Phiesel GmbH boasts a substantial proportion of skilled workers, augmented by comprehensive apprenticeship training. The elevated training standard is also upheld for semi-skilled employees through consistent qualification initiatives.

Our team is both youthful and adaptable, with an established track record. Since its establishment, Phiesel has primarily met the demand for qualified specialists via its in-house training and ongoing education programs.

Over the years, it has become evident time and again that even well-trained skilled workers must undergo intensive training customized to our production methods before they can be seamlessly integrated into the team.

This approach is essential to ensure the elevated level of qualification that empowers us to offer top-notch products at equitable market prices.


For over 30 years Phiesel has been training machinists specializing in automatic turning technology. In addition, in recent years, we have also been offering training programs for machine and plant operators as well as industrial mechanics. Our instructor is a member of the examination board at IHK Aachen, which facilitates close collaboration with trainers from other companies and inter-company setups.

Furthermore, we have been offering commercial training for the past 15 years. We prioritize ensuring that our trainees gain insight into the comprehensive company structure right from the outset, enabling them to promptly apply the training content in a practical context. Research has demonstrated that knowledge acquired in this manner becomes more ingrained and firmly established in the trainees‘ minds.


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