With our comprehensive modern machine park, we can also meet unique technological requirement profiles and produce the most intricate turned parts – swiftly, efficiently, and in substantial quantities. Phiesel’s machinery comprises approximately 45 metal-cutting machining machines and 25 processing machines for post-processing and surface refinement.

We employ it to rework turned parts ranging from 4 mm to 65 mm in diameter from the bar, and up to 250 mm as chuck parts. Using our robotically automated lathes, we also process cold-formed pressed and sintered parts with remarkable efficiency.

Whether small or large series, whether conventional or CNC-controlled single or multi-spindle automatic lathes: In addition to manufacturing turned parts with the utmost precision, we at Phiesel also offer various services in the realm of post-processing and surface treatment, either internally or through dependable external partners.

These include, for instance, vibratory finishing, blasting with different media, hard gold coatings, chrome plating, galvanization, anodizing, and more.

Variety of Processed Materials

We primarily source our raw materials from Germany. Additionally, we work with steels from Switzerland and Italy, as well as from Asian countries like India, Vietnam. Processing different materials naturally demands specific material knowledge. At Phiesel, we possess expertise in a diverse range of materials and their respective processing techniques, enabling us to efficiently manufacture desired turned and milled parts with high precision from various raw materials. The materials we work with encompass:

  • Steels (stainless steels, tempered steels, heat-resistant and high-strength steels, free-cutting steels)
  • Aluminum, Brass, special brass, bronze
  • Special materials, including various plastics

Phiesel GmbH
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